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A selection of flowers from my own garden that I have found are good for attracting hoverflies as well as many other insects such as various shapes and sizes of bees, flies and even lacewing larvae.

I will be adding a few more photos of flowers from my garden that hoverflies particularly like over the coming months.

I will try to include an individual flower shot and a wider shot of the plant together with its name and details of soil type and position of where I have found them to thrive.

I hope this will be of use.

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LindaB Photography
Thank you very much Bill for taking the time to leave a comment, it is much appreciated. Watch this space as a new gallery is in the pipeline for many more flower/plant recommendations. They won't be from my garden, which is what this gallery is about, but they will be from someone who has a vast knowledge of flowers. Thanks again Bill. Best wishes, Linda
Bill Burns(non-registered)
Great idea, Linda, thank you. I don't know how many of them will flourish in the North-East of Scotland as opposed to Surrey but there are some that seem to be worth investigating. Happy New Year and happy hovering in 2016. Bill
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